SoftBank: Supercell Could Be Worth $5 Billion To $11 Billion

Seeking Alpha: "Supercell reported a revenue of $1.7 billion and earnings of $565 million for FY 2014. These two figures are twice higher than 2013's number of $850 million revenue and $267 million in earnings. If not for the weak Euro, Supercell's 2014 revenue would have been a lot higher.

The $120 million investment on Kabam gave Alibaba a 10% stake. Alibaba therefore values Kabam at $1.2 billion. Kabam announced last January that its 2014 revenue was $400 million. Using the 3x Price/Sales ratio of Alibaba, SoftBank's Supercell subsidiary's possible valuation is $5.1 billion."

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2015-04-29 10:12
Marit Tuominen