Valkee Raises €7.4 Million Round

Valkee has raised a huge €7.4 million round for its bright-light headsets marketed to treat Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (S.A.D.). An unnamed "international fund" joined the round, with the current investors participating. 

A few of our readers are skeptical of Valkee's claims, but it's tough to say its not a good business. The devices seem to be put together nicely, but they basically boil down to a bright-light LED attached to a battery pack, something that can be built for basically nothing at volume and is currently sold for €186. Valkee claims its user base has already grown to tens of thousands of people in 20+ countries, and of those users, 87% recommend Valkee to their friends.

Valkee is looking to expand their device's market from only the "winter blues" niche. For example they are pursuing research on it's effects on jet lag, cognitive performance and different depression types.

Source:  Arctic Startup 

2013-06-10 11:30
Marit Tuominen