Vendep helps software provider Myinfomonitor expand into international markets

Myinfomonitor is a Finnish startup developing software that allows companies to streamline and improve the day-to-day performance of their production lines, proactive maintenance and customer service. The solution consists of on-screen modules that can be delivered to large on-site digital screens, tablets, or smart phones alike. The investment Myinfomonitor has received from startup accelerator Vendep will be used to expand its operations into Europe. 

The Myinfomonitor software gathers data from existing production control, logistics and other systems and creates easy to use visual action boards containing the information necessary for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of e.g. a production line. The action boards contain real time information on, for example, whether the production unit is meeting its targets and alert immediately when a delay is detected. The software also allows early detection of potential bottlenecks and thus helps reduce production interruptions and losses as well as ensure the smooth operation of the delivery chain. 

Myinfomonitor's customers in Finland include several major industrial and service companies, such as Metso Minerals, Uponor, and Fujitsu. The company is in a process to set up an international partner and distributor in Europe. 

"By using Myinfomonitor, companies move on from historical reporting and analytics to new generation proactive visual control of work. The visual action boards ensure that all the relevant people have constant access to up-to-date information, which leads to better quality and reduces the time needed to correct errors. Myinfomonitor is a SAAS solution, which makes the deployment of lean methods and management easy and cost effective. The project will not take forever, and you don't need to reinvent the wheel," says Anton Eriksson, CEO of Myinfomonitor. 

"Myinfomonitor provides an innovative solution to a problem many companies have to tackle every day. The startup already has several satisfied customers, and the team developing the the software has a lot of experience and a strong track record from the industry. Therefore, Vendep is happy to help Myinfomonitor launching its international expansion", says Vendep's Senior Partner Jupe Arala.

Further information 
Anton Eriksson, CEO, Myinfomonitor, +358 10 4702672, [email protected] 
Jupe Arala, Senior Partner, Vendep, +358 40 5649730, [email protected] 

Myinfomonitor in brief 
Myinfomonitor, formerly Cemron Ltd, is a provider of software for managing daily work in a smarter, lean way with visual action boards that connect easily to hundreds of business information systems. The software has been developed for nearly 10 years and is used by successful large companies in Finland such as Metso Group, AGCO Power, Fortum, Orion and Fujitsu. 

Vendep in brief 
Vendep is a startup accelerator and a seed investor. We provide startups with hands-on experience in innovative web-based services to achieve rapid growth and success internationally. Together with the entrepreneurs we develop business models for products and services, acquire new customers and raise funding during an acceleration period of 6 to 24 months. Our portfolio consists of companies both in Finland and in Silicon Valley.

2015-05-21 10:11
Marit Tuominen