scaling business to global markets with new finance round, a provider of technology for real time customer analysis and communication has opened a new finance round of up to 2M€ for investments in sales and marketing for accelerated growth in global markets. The company has already secured 0,5M€ funding, for the same purpose, provided by Vendep Startup Fund and Tekes (Young Innovative Companies –program). provides online shops and service providers, such as retail, real estate, and banking and insurance companies, with tools for improving their online customer service and increasing the conversion of customer visits into purchases. The tools are based on’s proprietary technology enabling real time analysis of customer behavior and communication with the customers at the moment most potential to lead to a purchase.

“Enterprises are frustrated with the low conversion of their online channels,” said Ville Rissanen, CEO and Founder, “ has been able to boost sales and lead generation for more than 500 customers in 8 countries, and we look forward to expanding into several new markets with our intelligent solution. Our customers see the great value of real time service on their websites and we can also provide them even new places to contact potential customers by networking different businesses.”

”What is offering its customers, is absolutely necessary for any e-commerce business interested in increasing their sales and improving their customer service. We at Vendep Startup Fund are impressed by’s technological solution, the ambition of the team that has developed the technology, as well as their clear vision regarding their growth future as a globally operating company,” Vendep’s Senior Partner Jupe Arala says.

Further information

Ville Rissanen, CEO, Ltd, +358 40 822 5935, [email protected]

Jupe Arala, Senior Partner, Vendep Oy, +358 40 564 9730, [email protected] in brief is a rapidly growing software company established in spring 2011. strives to help companies sell more online by providing clever and user-friendly tools for e-commerce, social shopping and online communication.


Vendep Startup Fund in brief

Vendep Startup Fund invests in startups building web-based and mobile services for B2B customers and aiming for strong international growth. Founded in September 2013, the EUR 5 million capital in the fund has been raised from Finnish private investors and Tekes Venture Capital. The fund may make investments alone or as part of a syndicate. The maximum size of an investment for the Fund in a single company is EUR 500,000.


Tekes Young Innovative Company funding programme (YIC)

Tekes offers funding for young, innovative companies for comprehensive development of their business activities. The aim is to substantially accelerate the global growth of the most promising small companies. Young innovative company funding is meant for a company that has been in operation for a few years, and has proven its business concept, so that it already has customers. Tekes funding can be applied for by companies registered in Finland.

2015-10-22 10:06
Marit Tuominen