Finnish Startup Investments Jumped 23% In 2015

Source: Arctic Starup

Total investments into Finnish startups rose 23 percent last year to 253 million euros, driven by a jump in domestic venture capital investments and a rise in equity crowdfunding, data compiled by Finnish business angels and venture capital association showed on Monday.

Investments of domestic venture firms rose to 96 million euros from 73 million a year ago, while foreign investments rose just 6 percent to 94 million euros.

There was a number of investments topping 10 million euros last year into Finnish startups -- adtech firm Kiosked B round, waste logistics firmEnevo $15.8 million, and also Onbone and Relex.

Finnish business angels investments rose to 37 million euros from 33 million, showed a survey of FiBAN, which was answered by roughly half of Finnish business angels. "The real number was definitely over 40 million euros, possibly around 50 million," FiBAN Chairman Jaakko Salminen told a news conference.

2016-03-21 09:10
Marit Tuominen