National Library of Finland launches Europe

The National Library of Finland announced today it has launched a national e-program for the digitization of Finland's historical documents and material. The first of its kind in Europe, the e-program Digitalkoot (Digital Volunteers) harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to mobilize people to help digitize millions of pages of archive material. 


The e-program technology provider is Microtask, whose automated platform splits dull repetitive tasks into tiny microtasks and distributes them over the internet. Once carried out by interested microworkers around Finland or around the world, Microtask puts the results back together into a completed assignment.

In the first phase, The National Library of Finland's e-program consists of two online games. The online gaming experience provides both entertainment and the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of Finland's cultural heritage.

Read the complete press release (pdf) 
Digital Volunteers homepage

2011-02-09 14:00
Marit Tuominen