Valkee: Bright Light Headset Benefits are Comparable to Those of Bright Light Lamps

The Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment organized a user test of bright light devices, and concluded that both the conventional bright light lamps and the new Valkee in-ear bright light headset have a similar positive effect on seasonal winter symptoms, the winter blues. The results of the test reveal that 6-12 minutes treatment with the bright light headset corresponds with a bright light lamp in 30-60 minutes of treatment. 

The tested equipment included the Valkee bright light headset, and bright light lamp devices from two different manufacturers. Participants in the test were employees of the Northern Karelia branch of the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. For the 3-month test they received a bright light headset, a bright light lamp, or both. The test confirmed what's known already: that bright light is an effective treatment to symptoms that occur in seasonal depression during the dark months of the year. Of the 32 people who answered the test questionnaire 73% had experienced that bright light had either somewhat positive or very positive effects on their seasonal symptoms.

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2012-11-19 09:03
Marit Tuominen