Physical Activity Tracker Moves Application Goes Global

Finnish mobile apps developer ProtoGeo has launched its Moves application worldwide. Moves is a free iPhone application which helps people to track their physical activity and keep a daily journal of it. Recently ProtoGeo raised 1.6 million dollars, about 1.2 million euros, in seed funding from Finnish Lifeline Ventures and London-based PROfounders Capital. 

The new application tracks users' physical activity by automatically recognizing movement such as walking, cycling, running and transportation. It tells users how much they move, shows routes on a map and provides a simple daily storyline of their life.

The application differs from Fitbit and Nike+ Fuelband, because there is no need to charge, carry and buy another device. Unlike traditional sports tracker apps, there is no need to start and stop the app, which continually works in the background.

- Moves is an example of how smartphones are becoming increasingly context-aware. Today, the mobile phone can constantly learn from its owner's real-time situations and habits, said Sampo Karjalainen, Designer CEO of ProtoGeo.

ProtoGeo is a small company consisting of team of eight people distributed between Helsinki, London (UK) and Pittsburgh (US). Its led designer, Karjalainen, is also a founder of kids' virtual world Habbo Hotel.

Source:  Good News from Finland 

2013-02-01 11:46
Marit Tuominen