Supercell's Success Speeds Vigo Program

The past year has been exciting for Vigo program as we have heard great news from many of our accelerators and portfolio companies. However one company has been on everybody's lips more than any other. The amazing success of the game company Supercell - with their their hit games Clash of Clans and Hay Day, the two-year old company is suddenly worth several hundred million euros and constantly on the top of Apple's top grossing charts. Even Accel Partners, the biggest investor behind the company and also major investor to another Finnish success story Angry Birds, is amazed by the company´s success. They say Supercell is the fastest growing company they have had in their portfolio with names such as Facebook, Spotify and Groupon. 

So there is no doubt that the company really knows the hit game recipe, which is actually no wonder as Supercell's management has long term experience in the gaming business. The founder and CEO of the company, Ilkka Paananen has years of experience in managing Digital Chocolate game studios in Finland, Spain and Silicon Valley and leading game companies from startups to successful companies. Paananen is also one of the partners at Lifeline Ventures, a Vigo accelerator. The creative directorMikko Kodisoja again is one of the founders of Sumia with a portfolio of more than 50 commercial games and over 10 prizes and acknowledgements from the gaming industry. 

Among many prizes won, Supercell has now officially been awarded the best and most-liked startup both in Finland and the whole Nordic region. According to Ilkka Paananen, the key to their success is that their games are truly social and better played with friends. Word of mouth is for them the best way to attract new players and also to keep the costs low. They consider iPad as primary platform for their games, but they are also a bit hit when played with iPhone. The games are free to download, but the games purchase inside game currency to boost their gaming experience. And as we can see, they are really willing to spend that money.

There are also several other rising stars among Vigo portfolio. Startups such as Applifier, Zen Robotics and Mobile Backstage have raised major funding during 2012 and mobile startup Blaast is succeeding in the Asian market, just to mention a few. So we can really say Vigo and its dynamic accelerators are really geared to take companies to international markets and accelerate their success. We are waiting for more exciting news and working to make the program's unique concept even better.

In the meanwhile, take a look at our latest  media hits to read more about Supercell and other portfolio companies.

2012-12-11 10:00
Marit Tuominen