Direct funding in the Vigo portfolio companies exceed up to EUR 170 million

The Vigo program, which accelerates the growth and internationalization of startup companies in Finland, announces its portfolio companies have acquired funding exceeding EUR 170 million. 
Total funding in the Vigo portfolio companies exceeded the EUR 170 million mark at the end of June 2013, after a follow-up period closed. When also taking into account fund commitments, a total of EUR 210 million in investment decisions have been made related to the program's companies. Around 60 per cent of the funding stems from private investors. The best-known portfolio company is Supercell which in three years has grown from zero to two billion euros. Other well-known companies include ZenRobotics, Makie Labs, Savosolar, Netcycler, Valkee, CrandCru and Indoor Atlas. 

The new accelerator accelerates business ideas from Russia 
The newest accelerator selected to the program will focus on the entrepreneurs and ideas coming from Russian market with aim to internationalize business through Finland.

2013-10-28 10:11
Marit Tuominen